Security Committee

Snowden Overlook’s Security Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the SOCA Board with respect to matters of safety and security. Past projects include a traffic study to promote compliance, a review of security cameras to monitor access, and workshops to provide residents with safety and security tips. Please let the Committee know if you have any questions or suggestions to help us improve the safety and security of our community. Click the Contact link at the bottom of this page to ask the SOCA Staff to forward your inquiry to the Chair of the Security Committee.

Contact the President of your Condo Association to get onto the e-mail list that your Association uses to notify residents about weather events, security emergencies, and suspicious activity. Read the “Security” articles in the quarterly Overlook Newsletter for security tips and information about the activities of the Security Committee.

Gate Access
A Security Guard is stationed in the Guardhouse during the hours that the entry gate is in operation. Please keep our community safe by not giving out the code number that is used to open the gates. Also, please do not piggyback through the entry gate to avoid damage and responsibility for the cost of repairs. Residents can contact the SOCA Staff to obtain a windshield sticker or card to open the gate. Residents can also contact the SOCA Staff to add the names of their guests to the Visitor List used by the Security Guard. Remember that the Guard has been instructed to call you for permission to allow entry of visitors who are not on the Visitor List. If a visitor uses the Gate Entry device to call you, press 9 to let them in.

Speed Limits and Stop Signs
To avoid accidents and injuries, please comply with posted speed limits and come to a complete stop at stop signs. Also, please remember to stop for pedestrians crossing the street and use extra caution to watch for them. Violators of traffic rules are subject to fines and penalties. Please be courteous to all drivers and pedestrians.

Call 9-1-1 to report a crime, fire, or medical emergency. After the emergency has been resolved, please report it to the SOCA Board, your Condo Board, and the Security Committee if it involves community security.

BGE (Gas Leaks) – 877-778-2222
Police (Non-Emergency) – 410-313-2200
Fire (Non-Emergency) – 410-313-6000
Poison Control Center – 800-222-1222
Clubhouse Office – 410-872-9311
Guardhouse – 410-312-0423
Security Committee – ask SOCA Staff to forward your message to the Committee Chair

Jerry Pelch, Chair
James DeGeorge
Michael Goldblatt
Charles Overly
Jeff Perriens
Richard Turner

Security Workshop – January 21, 2021 at 7pm
Healthy Aging Workshop – March 15, 2021 – click for: PowerPoint and Video

Cybersecurity Basics
Banking and Shopping Tips
Password Tips
Privacy Tips

Procedure for Entry Gate
Procedure for Penalties for Non-Compliance