Change in Clubhouse Pandemic Rules – 10/29/21

SOCA board resolution adopted 10/25/2021:

If CDC data for Howard County indicate that community transmission of the virus causing Covid-19 falls below the threshold for “Substantial” (50 or more new cases per 100,000 of population over 7 days) on 10/29/2021 or later, the president may release the following statement:


Dear Snowden Overlook Residents:

On August 26, SOCA announced that all persons inside the clubhouse must wear a mask over nose and mouth continuously, in keeping with CDC recommendations.  Since then, the board has been closely monitoring CDC’s Howard County data on new cases of infection over a 7-day period per 100,000 of population.  This key measure at first continued to rise steeply, but then began a gradual descent until it recently dropped below CDC’s “substantial” level, which triggered their masking recommendation when exceeded.

As a result, effective immediately, the following changes apply inside the clubhouse, except for the gym:

  1. MASKS are no longer required. Their use is recommended while not actively eating or drinking, especially for the unvaccinated or those especially vulnerable to infection.
  2. EATING and DRINKING are now permitted.
  3. GUESTS may be brought into the clubhouse if they have signed the SOCA liability waiver form.
  4. Residents and guests must continue to wear the orange WRISTBANDS indicating that they have signed the waiver.
  5. And, for the GYM: The rules will now return to the version adopted on July 26, under which, among other things, masks are required for those not fully vaccinated or otherwise especially vulnerable to infection.  No guests may enter.

As before, this policy does not require masking on the outside areas of the clubhouse, including under the awning and on the open deck areas of the upper level and the pool deck.  But, if the awning curtains are lowered, the awning area will be considered an inside space and masks are recommended whenever feasible.

We will continue to monitor statistics on the spread of the virus, government guidance, and our own behavior in determining future changes to the policy.  With luck, a return to even greater normalcy might not be too far away.  In the mean time, we will begin to schedule indoor dining events again.  Here’s hoping the conditions continue to improve.

Welcome back to our clubhouse looking, at least sometimes, a bit less like a bandit.  Still, please do what you can to protect yourself and others by practicing simple precautions such as hand washing, reasonable distancing, and, when you can reasonably do so, wearing a mask.

SOCA Board of Directors

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