Villas II Architecture and Landscaping

The Landscape/Architecture Committee is responsible for ensuring that residents maintain the harmony and beauty
of our community in accordance with Villa 2’s governing documents and Master Plan..

The architecture and landscaping of our community was done according to a Master Plan to provide symmetry and
eye pleasing uniformity.  The external features of our homes and the type and location of trees and shrubs was
determined by the Plan.

Residents may not change architecture or landscaping without prior approval of the Villa 2 Board. Approval should
be requested using the Community’s form of “Application for Change”. ┬áCopies of the Application, procedures, and
guidelines can be downloaded from this page (see box to the right) or picked up at the Clubhouse.

Residents may add small flowering plants under 12″ to the builder installed plantings in front of their units without
requesting prior approval. However, these may not replace what was originally planted. All other items in front of units
must be approved, including flags or banners, decorative ornaments, solar lights (the committee has an approved
model should you choose to apply for lights), large rocks and the like.