Villas I

Charlie Overly                     410/371-8260
Jerry Pelch                         443/546-4380
David Perin                      410/872-0804
Lou True                                  410/730-6218
Bob Vogel             410/992-1997

President – Lou True                 Term Ends  11/2022
Vice President – Jerry Pelch                         11/2021
Treasurer – Dave Perin                                 11/2020
Secretary – Charlie Overly                            11/2021
Member – Bob Vogel                                      11/2020


Architectural Committee

Committee reviews applications for exterior alterations to units.  It may suggest modifications to ensure easier approval by the Villas 1 Board, SOCA Board and Long Reach Village.  It assists the Board in setting standards and enforcing them.

Landscaping Committee

Inspects monthly the landscaping in Villas 1 common areas, including the entrance, waters the common area plantings, and recommends replacements to dead/dying plantings.  They make recommendations to the Board on maintaining and enhancing the appearance of units and common elements.  They work with the landscaping contractor.

Maintenance Committee

Inspects exteriors of Villas 1 homes ensuring satisfactory maintenance.  Checked items include:  warped siding, growth on the siding, gutter condition, plantings such as ensuring trees aren’t touching units potentially causing siding damage, windows, outside ducting covers are clear, outside front lighting is operational.  They report to V-1 Board and property management anything needing resolution.  The Board and property management contact the homeowners as necessary.

Parking & Traffic Committee

Makes recommendations to the Board on how to handle parking infractions, methods to improve compliance with Villas 1 guidelines and policies.  Recommends rules and regulations for traffic and parking.

Social Committee

Plans community-wide events for Villas 1 residents.  These usually take place at the SO Clubhouse.  The Committee reviews dates of availability with Clubhouse staff, sends out invitations, coordinates menu items, sets up tables/chairs and any décor for each event, and ensures cleanup afterward.

Committee Contacts
Architectural – Ronni True
Landscaping – Ronni True
Parking and Traffic
Social – Sharonlee Vogel
Villas I Directory – Sharonlee Vogel

Management Company

WPM Real Estate Group, LLC.


Patricia Lall
Association Manager
11433 Cronridge Drive
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
Direct Line: 443-796-7394
Fax: 443-213-1647

David Stivelman 
Assistant to Patricia Lall

11433 Cronridge Drive
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
Direct Line: 443-796-7376
Fax: 443-213-1640

Click on Organizational section for Declaration, By-Laws, and Important Note About the Declaration and By-Laws [2018].


Budget & Reserve Study
Click on Budget to see Budgets from 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.  Also Board resolutions relating to Budget.

lick on Policies section for information on boundaries, tree trimming, architectural guidelines, the Long Reach exterior exterior change application, Fines, Parking & Traffic, Collections, Resolution concerning gutters/downspouts.


Click on Information to see Certificate of Liability Insurance, Termites Notice, Resolution on Walkways, V1 Information-Boundaries & unit plats, General Specifications for building units, General Details, and blueprints of Villas 1 Hancock, Jeremy Belknap, Livingston models, Site Development Plan, and Maintenance Check List.

Villa 1 Archived Meeting Minutes