SOCA Board

Lou True 
Mark Bloom 
Pat Harrington
Harlan Rossman
Rich Turner 

President – Lou True 
Vice-President – Mark Bloom 
Secretary – Pat Harrington     
Member – Harlan Rossman 
Member – Rich Turner
Treasurer* – Dave Perin

*Officer of Association, but Not a Board Member

SOCA Board Info, Contacts and Terms

SOCA Certificate of Election of Community Director (4-24-23)

Management Company

WPM Real Estate Group, LLC.
11433 Cronridge Drive
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
Phone: 443-796-7394

Patricia Lall
Association Manager
11433 Cronridge Drive
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
Direct Line: 443-796-7394
Fax: 443-213-1647

Destini Henry
Assistant to Patricia Lall

11433 Cronridge Drive
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
Direct Line: 443-796-7383
Fax: 443-213-1640

After-Hours Emergency Phone:  443-796-7192

Onsite Staff 

Christy Wilson
Office Manager
Phone: 410-300-0055

Christopher Niland
Events Coordinator
Phone: 410-300-3315

Board Meetings

Meetings – 4th Monday of Month at 7pm
Work Sessions – 2nd Monday of Month at 2pm

SOCA Minutes
SOCA Agendas

Budget and Reserves


2010 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2011 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2013 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2014 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2015 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2016 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2017 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2018 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2019 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2020 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2021 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2022 SOCA Budget, Adopted
2023 SOCA Budget, Adopted


SOCA Reserve Study – 2010
SOCA Reserve Study Update – 2014
SOCA Reserve Study – 2019

Declaration and ByLaws

SOCA – Organization Declaration – 2005
SOCA – Organization By-Laws – 2005
SOCA – Amendment – 08/08/2005
SOCA – Amendment 08/15/2005
SOCA – Amendment 6/20/2006
SOCA – Amendment – 01/12/2007
SOCA – Amendment – 07/2010

SOCA Policies

SOCA-Clubhouse Gym
SOCA-Use of Clubhouse for Residents*
SOCA-Rental Agreement Holder*
SOCA-Rental Contract
SOCA- Condo Usage of Clubhouse
SOCA-Parking Rules & Regulations
SOCA-Pool Rules (Updated 1/23/2023)
SOCA-Privacy Policy
SOCA-Reserve Expenditures Policy 
SOCA-Social Events
SOCA-Additional Event Policy
SOCA-Budgeting for Community Activities
SOCA-Committee Policy
SOCA-Transponders, Gate Passes, and Pool Passes

*Currently, the SOCA Board of Directors is not authorizing any rentals or reservations for rentals.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact SOCA president, Lou True, at

SOCA Resolutions

SOCA-Electronic Transmission
SOCA-Suspension of Privileges
SOCA-Fee Collection Penalties
SOCA-Parking Rules and Regulations
SOCA-Payment of Assessments
SOCA-Due Process Procedures and Schedule of Fines
SOCA-Expenditure Delegation Resolution
SOCA-Architectural Committee Resolution
SOCA-Electronic Transmission-2017-02-28

Other Documents

SOCA Flag (If you would like to donate a flag, please contact our office staff)

Clubhouse Plans

SOCA Facility Maintenance Handbook

SOCA Device Instruction Manuals

Surveillance Video Recorder
Patio Overhead Heaters
Ice Machine
Guardhouse Irrigation Zones
Irrigation Controller
Leak Detector
Ceiling Fans