Kendall 1 Plat Drawings

Plat drawings show our property boundary and the location of our buildings. To find the plats for your house, start with the index. Use the map on the first page or the table on the second page to find your file name.

The builder divided Kendal into phases. Each file contains drawings for one or two phases. Each phase has three plats. The first shows the overall location of the phase in Kendal. The second shows a detail of house location and boundaries. The third shows the exterior of the building for each floor.

K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3001
K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3012
K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3035
K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3084
K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3117
K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3118
K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3119
K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3120
K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3150
K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3177
K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3195
K1- Plat-MSA_C2125_3206