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Office Manager - Snowden Overlook

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: SOCA Striping Road Work Rescheduled for Monday, 12/09

Please be aware that the striping of SOCA streets and parking areas has been rescheduled for the morning and afternoon of Monday, December 9 The following areas will be worked on: Dried Earth Blvd (parking lanes and center striping), gate markings, clubhouse parking lot and new crosswalks.  Please note the following:


  • Drivers will be redirected to one side of the street near the Entrance Gate while Dried Earth Blvd is being worked on.


  • There will be NO parking allowed at the Clubhouse until the paint has dried. An orange cone will be placed at the entrance of the Clubhouse parking to prevent parking in this area until approximately one hour after the paint has dried.


  • ALL vehicles parked on Dried Earth Blvd will need to be moved before or by 5:00AM on Monday, 12/09/19, including those parked in handicapped parking spaces. There will be no handicapped parking during this time.