Pool Volunteers

Our thanks to Snowden Overlook’s team of residents who volunteer their time to serve as Certified Pool Operators.  Team members make it
possible to keep Snowden Overlook’s pool open for “resident only” swimming when a lifeguard is not present.   ((No changes there.))

Each team member must take a class to become a licensed Certified Pool Operator.  The main duties of the team include:

— clean out the skimmer baskets and pool filter;
— monitor/record heater, pump and filter settings/readings;
— test pool water for safe chlorine and pH levels, and make chemical adjustments as needed.

During the “regular season” (Memorial Day to Labor Day), the CPO team performs it’s duties once a day in the mornings.  And for the three
weeks before Memorial Day, and the three weeks after Labor Day, the Team performs these duties three times a day Monday through Friday

Click here to view a memo from Kit Jones with more information about volunteer.  To volunteer to help the team, click here or call the Clubhouse
Office (410-872-9311).