Fitness Center

Hours: 4:30am – Midnight

The Clubhouse Fitness Center has exercise and weight equipment to help residents maintain a healthy lifestyle using ellipticals, bicycle, and treadmills, and weight machines (see below for equipment list).

The Fitness Center is equipped with a television for use while exercising. Users also have access to the Clubhouse Wi-Fi Network while in the Fitness Center. The Men’s and Ladies Rooms located adjacent to the Fitness Center are equipped lockers. Showers are located in restrooms below on bottom level of Clubhouse.

The Fitness Center’s Philosophy Statement describes the Center’s equipment and it’s goal of providing a convenient place for exercising, keeping physically active, and interacting and socializing with fellow residents.

For more information, contact our Office Manager.


Fitness Philosophy
Fitness Center Rules


Equipment List
Precor C846i Bicycle
Precor EFX Crossramp 835 Elliptical
Precor EFX Crossramp 835 Elliptical
Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer Elliptical
Two (2) Life Fitness Treadmills
Octane Recumbent Bike XR60E
Nautilus Nitro Plus Leg Press
Nautilus Nitro Plus Vertical Chest
Nautilus Nitro Plus Pulldown
Nautilus Nitro Plus Leg Extension
Nautilus Nitro Plus Seated Leg Curl
Nautilus Nitro Plus V-Triceps Extension
Nautilus Nitro Plus Biceps Curl
Nautilus Nitro Plus Abdominal
Free Weights – 2 Racks 1-15 lbs and 8-30 lbs.

© Allison Stewart Photography

© Allison Stewart Photography