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July Wine Club Happy Hour
Though we do not usually meet over the summer, were missed wine club so much that we will be holding an informal Happy Hour on July 23 at 7PM on the Clubhouse covered deck and patio. 
There is no charge for this event. Bring a bottle of wine or a snack to share and come meet and mingle with other Snowden Overlook friends. Don’t forget your wine glass!
RSVP by July 20 to
“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”

― Paulo CoelhoBrida

Wine Tastings are held at 7pm on the 4th Friday of most months (with a shift some years in November for Thanksgiving, in January, and in the Spring for Easter, Passover, or Memorial Day) There is no Wine club in December, July or Aug. The tastings are focused on appreciating and enjoying wines from around the world in a social atmosphere.  The Tastings help bring residents together to meet each other, to talk, and to drink wine. No knowledge of wine is required, just  a desire to learn about and taste wines! This is a casual Wine Club that can best be described as a social club with wine. 

RSVP for each event by the Monday before the Wine Tasting. RSVP by dropping off your $20/person cash payment (no checks) to the home of Nancy Thomas at 8625 Vast Rose Dr. Your payment is your reservation.

If you are new to Wine Club, or need a refresher, please see Wine Club Hosting 101 and Wine Club Rules of the Road, posted below, for tips for hosting Wine Club! There is information here on flyers, payment policies, wine club supplies, and our new battery powered cork screw and Wine Club bell. Wine Club 101 helps with logistics of planning and hosting 

Wine Club Hosting 101 -2019

Snowden Overlook Wine Club: Rules of the Road
The Snowden Overlook Wine Club is a social group made up of residents in the Snowden Overlook community with an interest in wine tasting in a relaxing and casual atmosphere. It’s about enjoying good times and good wines with neighbors. Guests are welcome with paid reservation.

The cost to attend each wine tasting event is $20 per person (unless specifically specified in the event flyer).

We don’t have many rules, but they are important. So, for new members, and a reminder to our veterans, here are our three Cs:

Cut-off Date adherence – “Cutoff” date is generally the evening of the Monday prior to the wine club event (Mail box will be closed). The “cutoff” date should be highlighted in the flyer. After cutoff, if any one wishes to attend, please contact that month’s hosts to see if the hosts can add you to the list. In most cases, this will not be a problem.

Cancellation – if done before “cutoff” date (see above), you can have the money returned, or, let us know (in advance) which future wine club event you want it credited to. If not cancelled before the cancellation date, you can find someone to go in your place, but the payment can no longer be refunded because wines and food may have been purchased.

Cash only –This should also be highlighted, by each group of hosts, in their flyer announcing the event for the benefit of any new attendees.

***Other helpful tips: Remember to budget wisely (There are no SOCA Master Board subsidies). If, per chance, the cost exceeds the “budget”, we thank the hosts for their “donation”. What this means is that we will only reimburse up to the amount of money taken in for that evening. When submitting receipts, only one combined bill will be accepted – thus allowing any potential “donation” to be spread across the host group. On the bright side, any residual funds (costs less than budget) go to offset cost for the members’ end of year event. The June Wine Club event is a dinner and wine evening, and we use the ‘extra’ money from the year and serve the leftover unopened wines from each Wine Club

Wine Club Hosting

Thank you for agreeing to host the Wine Club! We are looking forward to the tasting, and we thank you for your willingness to host an evening. If for any reason you need to change the month you will be hosting, please use the posted Wine Club Host list and find someone who can trade months with you. Please email wine club coordinator, Becky Socha, with any changes.


Wine Club is completely self supporting. We receive no funds or supplies from the clubhouse funds. The budget is $20 per person, this includes food, wine and paper goods. (wine club has a supply of paper goods, plastic cups and silverware for you to use, as well as serving trays and utensils) Please try to stay within the budget, as the maximum you will be reimbursed is the amount that was paid by attendees for that month. We have 30-40+ guests attend wine club each month. In general, you’ll want to spend about $350-$450 on wines and the rest of the budget on food and other items. The average cost odf wines should be about $13-15 a bottle.

If you have up to 35 guests and serve 5 wines, 4 bottles of each red wine, 5 of each white wine = 23 bottles. If you serve 4 wines, you can spend a little more on wines, use an additional varietal as an aperitif or welcome drink, or buy 1 more of each bottle. If the number of guests is less than 30, you can adjust accordingly.

If you have 35-40 guests, and serve 5 wines, we recommend 5 of each red and 6 of each white wine. Again, if you serve 4 wines, you can spend a little more on wines, use an additional varietal as an aperitif or welcome drink, or buy 1 more of each bottle

whatever the number, remember that white wines tend to be more popular with the group, so be sure to have a little ‘extra’ to pour if you are serving several reds in a row.


30 guests- budget $600
$325- 350 wine (23 bottles)
$200 food and miscellaneous

38 guests- budget $760
$400-$450 wine (28 bottles)
$275 food and miscellaneous

 Flyer and Calendars

The Clubhouse Office will make copies of your Wine Club flyer to leave in the foyer. On your flyer, please include:

  1. The price (cash only)
  2. The date and time Friday, 7 PM
  3. Place (Clubhouse)
  4. Instructions to deliver CASH to Nancy Thomas’ porch box, 8625 Vast Rose Drive (Villas II)
    (there’s a mailbox on the front porch)
  5. A reminder to bring a wine glass.
  6. Also, please mention that payment is their reservation
  7. Name or names of the host
  8. A cut-off date for reservations (such as the Monday before your evening event) so that we can give you an exact count of attendees.
  9. Please send your flyer by email to Becky Socha, so she can post it to the website.

Helpful Hints

  1. Christy at the clubhouse will make extra copies of your flyer.
  2. Usually 5 to 6 wines are served, a mix of red and white. See above guidelines for wine buying. Any unopened leftover bottles will be stored and used for the end of year party
  3. Simple hors d’oeuvres work well. (cheese, crackers, fruit, etc.).
  4. And, we always like dessert!
  5. Have FUN. Be as creative as you wish!


Please leave the room as you found it. All garbage must be removed from the Clubhouse that evening and put in the trash bin outside and the floor and tabletops must be wiped down. Please take the green table cloths home to wash, if needed, and return to the wine club boxes. They are very easy to wash and require no ironing!

Wine Club supplies

Wine Club supplies are in boxes stored in the Clubhouse basement.  We have green table cloths, and one rectangle table cloth, trays, cheese cutters, spittoons, carafes, pencils, wine club bell, cups, silverware and other assorted supplies in the boxes. Feel free to use anything in these boxes. There are plates, napkins, water cups and silverware to use.The wine club corkscrew is plugged in on the counter in the Club House kitchen.


After the event collect your receipts and contact Nancy Thomas to settle accounts. Please include the receipts for any paper goods with your wine and food receipts. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks again!

Becky Socha
8715 Endless Ocean Way
Joe Socha 603-204-7216

Wine improves with age–I like it more the older I get”–Anonymous