Important Changes to SOCA Procedures & Rules


Dear Snowden Overlook Residents:

Enclosed are two important changes to SOCA procedures and rules adopted by the SOCA Board at its January 23, 2023 meeting:

Process Procedures and Schedule of Fines

The due process policy was modified primarily to reflect recent changes to Maryland law and to update the schedule of fines. See the policy at SOCA’s page here.

Pool Rules

The Board has revised the pool rules for use during the 2023 pool season. Please review the enclosed rules in their entirety. The most important changes are described below. See the rules themselves for details here.

Part 1 – General Rules

Rule 17 – When others are using the pool, lap swimmers do not have priority over other users and are responsible for avoiding collisions.
Rule 18 – Only authorized persons (Lifeguards, CPOs or management) may enter the lifeguard office.
Rule 19 -The driveway entrance may not be used to enter or leave the pool level except for certain handicapped persons or during emergencies, even if the gate is unlocked or open.

Part 2 – Pool Rules when a Lifeguard Must be Present

Rule 6 – When the lifeguard leaves or announces a break, or when CPOs or management closes the pool for any reason, all users must leave the pool completely and promptly. No one may remain even partially in the water in the alcove area or elsewhere.